Accurate Reports. Efficient Lead Times.

When Precision Matters, Experience Matters

For the most safety – and performance-critical parts, from the simple to the complex, pinpoint-accurate dimensional inspection requires more than the right technical qualification or CMM machine—especially in the shadow of a tight production schedule. It requires a depth of experience in nuance.  

Touchstone Measurement is a full-time, A2LA accredited metrology lab that, for decades, has focused on nothing but high-precision dimensional inspections. In effect, Touchstone has sharpened its skills down to the nuance level, where heightened expertise makes all the difference in an industry that says fractions of a millimeter make all the difference.

As a Dedicated Lab, Touchstone Assures You:

The Sharpest Eye

You’ll always know Touchstone is accounting for every possible variable that can affect measurement accuracy, including proper equipment selection, part setup & orientation and design-print interpretation—all variables so often overlooked by those who don’t perform dimensional inspections every day.

The Latest Technology

You’ll always know Touchstone is deploying the most capable tool for your specific part application and measurement-data needs—because, with a core competency focused only on dimensional inspection, Touchstone stays ahead of the curve in the investment and use of new equipment innovations.

The Most Responsive Service

You’ll always know Touchstone is prepared to meet your needs and provide you with solutions as quickly as possible—because a dedicated, full-service metrology lab maintains the competence and the confidence to act.