Parts Inspection

Maintain the Most Precise Quality Control

For the most complex and safety-critical components that must maintain the tightest dimensional tolerances, Touchstone Measurement deploys a diverse array of advanced equipment in the hands of seasoned metrology experts to ensure the highest level of quality control. Whether you’re producing your own parts or holding suppliers to spec, Touchstone represents your most reliable and responsive independent resource.

Lock Down the Most Reliable Production Process

As a derivative of its parts-inspection capabilities, Touchstone also performs First-Article Inspection (FAI) services. This involves measuring the initial output parts of a newly developed production process against a customer-supplied CAD drawing or other file specification to confirm the reliability of the process going forward. For more thorough, long-term reliability reporting, Touchstone also conducts Process Capability Studies.

Timely, Convenient Reporting:

From initial contact and quoting, to final assessment and report delivery, Touchstone maintains a simple, reliable and highly accessible means of communication.
  • Same-day turnaround of all inspection RFQs
  • User-friendly reporting, delivered electronically immediately upon inspection completion:
    • All data and reports are provided on an Excel spreadsheet
    • Reports may be generated within a customer-specified format, if request is made in advance
  • Most inspection work completed within 5 business days
  • 24-hour or weekend service is available when needed
  • Touchstone retains and maintains files of all inspections, archiving all reports for a minimum of five years