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See why the Touchstone difference matters to your quality control and your schedule.See why the Touchstone difference matters to your quality control and your schedule


Delivering the most thoroughly accurate parts inspection report in the most efficient timeframe requires a unique brand of professional wisdom—one only gained over years of specialized service dedication.

Review Touchstone Measurement’s full scope of capabilitiesReview Touchstone Measurement’s full scope of capabilities


For everything that factors into your output of the most sophisticated and quality-critical components, no other dimensional-inspection provider offers a more robust range of services or a more rapid response to your needs.

View and download Touchstone’s official A2LA and ISO certificationsView and download Touchstone’s official A2LA and ISO certifications


Maintaining the highest service standard starts by meeting the highest technical standard—namely operating for more than 20 years as an accredited lab under the most stringent regulatory body.

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    “Often, by the time we’re ready for parts inspection, we’re in the 11th hour of our production schedule. It’s just the nature of the beast. That’s why I always go back to Touchstone. I consistently get the fastest turnaround time and, yet, their reports are still irreproachably accurate. Without question, they’re one of my most reliable service providers.”

    —Rene Wells, Tooling Engineer, Delphi Automotive

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    “Touchstone’s commitment to operate only as an inspection lab gives them a technical edge that has been a great asset for us. When we’re holding our suppliers to spec, Touchstone is able to confirm and adjust for even the most subtle disparities that sometimes occur between our suppliers’ measurement readings and ours. That’s key to maintaining our brand image with our customers.”

    —Scott Bennett, Sales Engineer & Program Manager, Hewitt Molding Company

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    Being a small business doesn’t diminish the need for intensive quality control. On the contrary, when competing against global powerhouses, it’s absolutely critical to our success. Without the capital to invest in the equipment and technical expertise we would need to run our own dimensional inspection lab, Touchstone is the ideal partner to meet our QC requirements. It’s a very valuable relationship for us.”

    —Jim Eikenberry, EPD Lead Engineer, TSE Industries

Touchstone is a consistent metrology service provider to these OEM quality leaders and their suppliers:


Touchstone Measurement Services, LLC, is A2LA Accredited for Mechanical Testing to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 specifications. Certificate No. 1296.01.