Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility (GR&R) Studies

Secure an Effective Process-Control System

‘System’ is the operative word. Parts inspection is key to the confirmation that manufacturing output is within design-specification tolerance. It’s also key to determining statistical process control for the purpose of improving the manufacturing process itself.

However, what is often overlooked in this equation is the measuring mechanism. If it’s not calibrated or operating properly, your parts inspection is compromised and the data worthless.

That’s where Touchstone Measurement’s gage study services come in.

With Touchstone’s expertise, you’ll secure the otherwise missing link in a critical process-control system necessary to optimize your production performance quality and reliability.

Touchstone’s Gage R&R Studies Reveal:

1. Measurement system variability versus process variability
2. Measurement system variability attributed to differences among the system’s operators
3. Measurement system capability to discern one part from the next

At its base, a gage R&R study alleviates potential discrepancies that might otherwise be missed in a quality-control process performed by multiple inspectors. When the measuring system is confirmed sound, you’ll know whether the inspectors are consistent in their measurements of the same part (repeatability) and whether the variation between inspectors is consistent (reproducibility).