Reverse Engineering

Create Design Files of the Most Intricate Parts

Using its robust 3-dimensional scanning technology, Touchstone Measurement offers reverse-engineering capabilities that allow for the deconstruction and analysis of an existing part—even one of considerable dimensional complexity.

Reverse engineering is a service that can save the day when you need to:

  • Produce a scanned solids model of an existing part for the purpose of CNC machining duplicate parts.
  • Recreate lost prints of an existing part for design analysis and alteration or improvement.

Solve Problems With Remarkable Efficiency

Using the most sophisticated equipment—capable of reproducing a physical part in CAD with an accuracy of ± 0.0002”—Touchstone Measurement can deploy reverse engineering to significantly reduce labor, prototyping and other costs associated with original design-engineering processes.

Applications & Results

Comprehensive Services

Touchstone Measurement can provide a timely, cost-effective answer to meet your needs, no matter where you might be in your production process. Services include the ability to:

  • Scan sample part profiles or surfaces.
  • Convert scans into CAD point clouds, surfaces or solids models.
  • Create production or assembly prints of sample parts.
Reverse Engineering Process

Contingent on your application, Touchstone is equipped to handle every phase of the process, including:

  • Disassembly into component parts
  • Measurement—complete with 3D data
  • Analysis and diagramming
  • Scanning to produce point clouds, solids models, production & assembly prints or scanned surfaces
Convenient Reporting

Touchstone can provide CAD files exported into a wide range of file formats.